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Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Why consider living at Quillside Place?

This is what one our building owners had to say.

Quillside place has quality suites available at this time. Our rental prices are comparative to those of similar quality. We rent for $1.50/sq ft, Saskatoon prices are $1.75

Our suites are safe secure, comfortable and ideal for people looking to downsize or get away from living and caring for a house,

All 3 entrances have video cameras and the locked doors need a key or a password for entry.

All suites have sprinkler systems in each room as well as smoke and CO protection. They have separate furnace/AC on the exterior of the suite alongside the private balcony.

Suites have reverse osmosis systems for potable water. There is heated indoor parking or plug in outside. There is extra storage space in the parkade for things you don't need all the time. We have a quest suite available for times when you have extra guest. The common room is fully equipped for larger groups.

Quillside is located close to all services and a bus service is available. Meal service and home care available if needed

We have a small garden plot available to those who feel inclined to raise their own vegetables. These are some of the reasons we feel we have the ideal place for those who are looking to down size.

Come in for a tour anytime

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