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Emer Says

We moved to the Quillside condo in late 2019 from our farm home of 60 years and we are very happy with our decision.

It is wonderful not to worry about maintenance or upkeep and have a place that you're proud of.

Management here is superior, we feel confident, safe and involved.

Our manager keeps everyone informed of the happenings and the employees keep this condo 1st class. He even promotes input from the tenants on what could make it even more enjoyable.

The people living here are friendly and respectful of privacy and at the same time will offer a helping hand if needed.

Included with all these amenities is ground level heated parking with shelf storage in front of your vehicle.

There is a small gym and also a full size pool table for use by all.

The grounds are manicured and there is ample space for the eager gardener.

We love the condo!

Emer & Marlyn

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